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Classroom Resources Grants
With the generous support of the Andrew Lloyd Webber Foundation, the American Theatre Wing is investing in Public Schools to help drama teachers get more of the resources they need to provide quality drama instruction in their schools.  Through a grant-giving program, funding will be provided directly to under-resourced public schools to provide equipment, instruments, and other necessary materials to help create new and enhance existing theatre programs.

General Guidelines

Who can apply?
Any individual public K-12 school or non-profit parent group associated with that public K-12 school.

Private/parochial schools, home schools, and pre-schools are not eligible.

Parent groups (Parent Teacher Associations, etc.) may apply, but must have an independent EIN and official 501c(3) status from the IRS. If your group does not have 501c(3) status, please apply through your school, however, the PTA can still be the point of contact for a proposal.

What Kinds of Project Proposals are Competitive?

This component of the Initiative allows teachers to apply directly for resources they need to build and enhance their program in order to nurture young talent in their schools, whether it be musical instruments, costumes, lights, or sound equipment to name a few examples.

Grant requests of up to $100,000 will be considered, but the priority of our funding will be for resource requests in the $10,000 to $40,000 range, allowing us to extend meaningful resources to multiple deserving schools each year.

Grant funding can be used for:
Essential resources and equipment fundamental to arts education, specifically focused on enhancing learning in the area of theatre. This can include:

  • Purchase and Professional installation of production equipment and labor
  • Licensing fees
  • Production supply costs associated with the presentation of plays, musicals, and other theatrical performances. Including costumes and material, lighting supplies, scenery/scenic supplies.
  • Musical Instruments
  • Costs associated with artistic consultants to leverage equipment and/or resources. This could include artistic residencies, mentorship, and technical consultants.

Funding may not be used for:

  • Capital costs of the theatre and/or school (i.e. auditorium renovations, structural building enhancements, etc.)
  • Individuals and families (including scholarships--please see our other program initiatives)
  • Religious denomination-sponsored programs or events (holiday pageants, etc.)
  • Sponsorship of fundraising events (i.e. dinners, walks, golf tournaments and auctions)
  • Advertising or marketing
  • Sports teams or athletic events (parade floats, etc.)
  • Development or production of books, films, videos or television programs
  • Endowment campaigns or scholarship campaigns
  • Continuing education for teachers and staff
  • Institutional overhead and/or indirect cost (i.e. salaries, benefits, etc.)
  • Memorial campaigns
  • Multi-year requests


  • July 2019 – Applications available
  • September, 27 2019 at 11:59PM EST – Deadline to apply
  • November 2019 – Review process, selections made by panel of industry experts
  • December 2019 – Notification of Grants

Next Steps
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