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Q: Who can qualify for Scholarship Support?
Any student enrolled in grade 12 at a public high school, plans to graduate in the spring, and has the desire to attend a 4 year program at the university level to pursue a career in theatre.

Q: If I am homeschooled, am I eligible to apply?
No. Students must be attending a public high school in grade 12.

Q: As a Scholarship Applicant, would I be allowed to receive other grants or scholarships and still qualify for the American Theatre Wing ALW University Scholarship?
Yes, absolutely. A student’s eligibility/qualification is not limited or restricted to the number of grants applied for or received.

Q: Are there any costs or fees associated with applying for a University Scholarship?
No, there is no application fee associated with this program.  However, the funding is released to the university directly. Additional costs of attending will need to be arranged for and paid by the student. 

Q: Does applying Early Action or Early Decision to a college affect my eligibility to apply for a Scholarship?
No. We encourage applicants who have ideas about what school they plan to attend. 

Q: What fields of study or majors are eligible to apply for this scholarship?
Students who plan to have a major that prepares them to pursue a career in the theatre are eligible. There are no restrictions.

Q: Will the scholarship pay for more than four years of college to earn my bachelor's degree?
No. The scholarship will only pay for 4 years of study.

Q: How will I receive my scholarship?
Scholarship award checks will be sent to the college or university that the scholar is attending.

Q: Will I be liable for taxes on the scholarship?
No. Your scholarship will be a part of your university's financial aid package. 

Q: Can I mail in a paper application?
In general, no, applications may only be submitted and considered via our online application portal. If you have concerns regarding accessibility please call our office at 212-765-0606 for advice and assistance. Special arrangements can be made.

Q: What if I have more questions regarding the American Theatre Wing ALW University Scholarships and the application process?
Please contact Alicia Vnencak, Programs Associate at the American Theatre Wing. 212-765-0606 or alicia@thewing.org

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