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Applicant Qualifications and Criteria


  • Be a student at a public school in grade 6-11 in the U.S. or Puerto Rico
  • Be enrolled in and returning to public school the following year
  • Be under the age of 18 as of the application deadline (January 13th, 2023)
  • Have permission to participate from a parent or guardian
  • Plan to attend a reputable/high-quality after-school theatre program or summer theatre study program.
  • Have a minimum GPA of 3.0 (a B average).
  • Demonstrate exceptional talent as a theatre performer, designer, director, writer, or composer and display a genuine interest in pursuing a career in the theatre (per audition or work sample.)
  • Provide one teacher recommendation and two additional references
  • Demonstrate financial need (as determined through references and statements).

Training Scholarship opportunities will be evaluated based on the following criteria, as researched by the American Theatre Wing Staff:

  • The opportunity will be sponsored/housed at or hosted by a not-for-profit institution
  • The program or opportunity will have a defined beginning and end
  • The program will have a reputation for quality training

Looking for a Training Program? Click here for a helpful list to start your search!

Training Scholarship recipients will be selected based on the following criteria:

  • Diversity (populations historically marginalized in our industry and professions)
  • Financial Need (demonstrated by statements and financial information i.e. household size, tax filing status, estimated annual income, etc.)
  • Artistic achievement, talent, and potential (demonstrated by video audition and/or work samples required)
  • Interest in pursuing a career in theatre (demonstrated by personal statement and references)

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