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We advise reading the information below before starting an application so that you can be fully prepared.

Information to gather:

  • Program details for the after school training and/or summer study program
    • Tuition Amount
    • Program Start and End Date
    • Contact Information for Program
  • A transcript/current report card – you will need this to show the classes and grades that you have received, maintaining a 3.0 GPA (a B average).
  • A Photo of You
  • Name/Contact Information of Teacher for Recommendation
  • Two References and Email Addresses for community service leaders, extra-curricular activity leaders, employers, or other teachers.
  • Permission from a parent or guardian
  • A brief video introducing yourself to the panel
  • Audition Video and/or Sample of Work (see below for details):
    • ACTORS: Audition videos should showcase you working (in your living room, in your high school theatre, a classroom – opportunities are endless).  Ideally, you’ll tape something special for your application using your smartphone or webcam that has both pieces in one video.  Don’t worry that it doesn't look “professional” and footage from productions are often difficult for us to review as it rarely showcases just you.  We’d prefer to just see you. Submit two (2), short (less than two minutes each), contrasting monologues or songs, showing range.  You can upload a video or give us a link.
    • DANCERS/CHOREOGRAPHERS: Submit two (2), short (less than two minutes each), routines, showing range of style and technique.  You can upload a video or give us a link.  Ideally, you’ll tape something special for your application using your smartphone of webcam. These videos can be submitted in two separate video files.
    • DIRECTORS: Submit two (2) work samples that demonstrate the variety of your work.  It is strongly recommended that you include at least one video (less than two minutes) from a production as work sample.  We understand providing video can be a challenge, but if possible, we encourage you to send some samples showing how your directorial vision is realized on stage.  Uploading copies of scripts with notes you have created as you prepared for a production is also ideal. If submitting a video, you can upload a video or give us a link.
    • MUSICAL COMPOSERS/LYRICISTS: Upload two (2) video or audio files of your musical work.  Below, please provide us the song title, lyrics, and dramatic context surrounding the music.
    • PRODUCTION DESIGNERS/TECHNICIANS: Upload two (2) work samples. This can be pictures of a production props, costume or scenic renderings.  If you are a sound designer, please specify if you are the composer of the music included in the work sample and how the sound was utilized in the performance and venue.  Overall, we want to see how your design vision is realized on stage.  
    • PLAYWRIGHTS: Submit two (2) pieces of writing.  Each writing sample must include a one page synopsis, plus a twenty page example of the work.
    • STAGE MANAGERS: Submit a complete list of all shows you have worked on outlining your duties and responsibilities for each production and two (2) work samples that demonstrate the notes you created throughout the rehearsal process and as you prepared for a production.

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