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How much funding can the Initiative provide to my school?

Grant requests of up to $50,000 will be considered, which will allow us to extend meaningful resources to multiple schools each year.

How do I apply for resources for my school?
An individual will submit an application on behalf of a K-12 public school—for resources for a grant project which will benefit the theatre education work at that school—via the American Theatre Wing’s online application portal. 

Are private/parochial schools eligible to apply?
No. At this time, applications must be on behalf of a K-12 public school in the U.S. or Puerto Rico, or submitted by a non-profit parent group associated with that K-12 public school.

Can I apply on behalf of a homeschool community?
No. At this time, applications must be on behalf of a K-12 public school.

What are examples of the types of projects that can be funded with this grant?
Funded projects will provide resources to enhance learning in the areas of theatre and the performing arts. This can include:

  • Supplies related to the production of plays, musicals, or other theatrical events.
  • Equipment and labor required to install that equipment.
  • Costs associated with the presentation of plays, musicals, and other theatrical performances.

Please note that the most compelling projects are those which sucessfully demonstrate a long term impact on the theatre program in their application. Please see our tips and past recipients page to learn more about the types of projects able to be funded by the grant.

May nonprofit arts organizations that work with public schools apply?
No. At this time, applications must be directly from a K-12 public school or an organization solely devoted to the support of that school (i.e. a PTA).

Can funds be used to hire artists to do instruction in the classroom or an after school program?
Possibly. The focus of this grant is to provide resources to a teacher to enhance their arts education instruction and have a long-term impact. Ongoing funding for teaching artists is not the focus of this grant, though a scenario for one-time honorariums or short-term engagement of artists may be possible depending on the individual project proposed.

Can funds be used to pay for additional staff to implement a project?
No. The funds cannot be used to pay for staff in the school.

How much time do we have to complete a proposed project?
Preference will be given to grant projects that can be completed within the calendar year of receiving the funds. However, given the timeline of some projects, some exceptional proposals with longer timelines may also be considered. 

I have more than one project in mind, can I apply twice?
You may apply for as many projects as you wish in a cycle, however, we encourage you to concentrate on creating one strong application on behalf of your school, as any school/program is unlikely to receive funding for more than one project in a given year. 

When will schools be notified about whether they will be awarded a grant?
Notification for all grant decisions will be made in January 2024.

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