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Training Scholarships
The American Theatre Wing is committed to fostering a future generation of theatre makers that reflects the diversity and dynamism of America as a whole. Through the Training Scholarships, the Wing is promoting diversity, equity, and access to the arts to bridge the gap between talent and opportunity. Funding will go towards covering the costs associated with summer study and after school training programs for public middle and high school students who come from populations historically underrepresented in our industry; who demonstrate economic need, exceptional talent, and an interest in participating in after school training programs or intensive summer study programs to better prepare for future training at the university level. 

The student's area of focus can be from any aspect of theatre from performance, to design, to writing, to stage management, and others. Through the Training Scholarships, we hope to create a strong pipeline to the professional theatre for promising artists of all backgrounds.

General Guidelines

Who should apply?
Public Middle and High School students who come from populations historically marginalized in our industry and demonstrate talent and ability in the theatre arts but lack the economic resources to receive high level training prior to college. The student’s area of focus can be from any aspect of theatre from performance, to design, to writing, to stage management.

What kinds of applications are competitive?
Applicants who can demonstrate their talent and passion through an audition video or portfolio.

Where can I study?
It's up to you! Applicants should already have identified their planned course of study and selected the program or organization which they plan to attend before applying for a Training Scholarship. Looking for a program in your state? Click here for a list of programs to help you jumpstart your research!

Scholarship funding can be used for: 

  • Theatre training programs that stand alone or are housed in professional theatre settings
  • Theatre training camps
  • After school classes or training programs

Funding may not be used for:

  • University or Community College Classes
  • Classes or tuition at institutions which confer a diploma or degree
  • Internships

The first scholarship cycle began in the Fall of 2016, and repeats annually:

  • November 29, 2023 – Applications available
  • January 24, 2024 – Extended Deadline to apply! 
  • Spring 2024 – Review process, selections made by expert panel
  • April 2024 – Notifications of Scholarships

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